Following the successful launch of the SC Sapphire earlier this year, Sima Charters is proud to announce the upcoming arrival of the SC Emerald. The SC Emerald is a 19,5 metres Monohull CTV designed and built specifically to further improve our services along the Dutch and Belgian coast.

Sima Charters have been performing commercial trips to the anchorages off the Dutch and Belgian coast for more than 12 years. Last year we decided to develop and build a new vessel. Based on our experience in this area, we have been able to design a vessel that meets all specific needs and requirements for transfers to and from these anchorages. Like the SC Sapphire, the SC Emerald will be a Monohull, a type of vessel that helps us deliver outstanding services. The vessel has a speed of a least 25 knots and the total length is 19,5 metres, so she can easily carry up to 12 pallets with a total loading capacity of 8 tonnes. For the most comfortable ride and landing, the vessel is equipped with a Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizer and the latest innovations in fendering for ship-to-ship and boat landings.

Like our other vessels, we’ve named this one after a beautiful, strong gemstone. The emerald is known for power, immortality and eternal youth. The color of an emerald is green which relates to the green in the flag of Rotterdam, her ‘unofficial’ homebase. A strong name let’s hope this will be symbolic for her performances as well.

The SC Emerald is expected to be fully operational from August 2018.