The amount of work in the Dutch Nothsea has been growing for years and it is expected to keep growing. Projects like the Borssele Windfarm attract many suppliers who all require specific offshore services. Services on which Sima Charters & Gould have similar visions. That’s why years ago the companies started sharing ideas and ambitions. This anticipation has now grown to a collaboration located in Flushing. Clients are now offered a one-stop full package of offshore services, on a fit to purpose base.

Both Sima Charters and Gould have their part in the services offered. From the Gould Offshore Service Base in Flushing, facilities like accommodation, warehousing, logistics and even windturbine technicians are available. Expanding these services from land to water are Sima Charters. With high-end vessels built for the conditions in this area crew- and cargo are being taken care of on an ad-hoc basis.

Together the companies offer a complete package of quality services for suppliers working in the area. This way they can focus on their job and we take care of the rest.

Sima Charters and Gould are happy with this start of their combined ‘forces’ and are planning to develop these further.

The best possible offshore solutions are now at hand in Flushing,  contact us for an appointment.