ActualitiesSima Charters cooperating with IGL

Sima Charters & IGL offer full service survey solutions. Our combined forces make us a specialist in near shore, high current and shallow water surveys. The past two years we have cooperated successfully on various survey-projects.

After the complete refit of our survey vessel, the SC Macaw, we started expanding our partnership with IGL. Sima Charters’ strengths mainly lie in developing and operating the right vessel for a specific situation. IGL has a focus on hydrographic surveys, which suits the purpose of the SC Macaw perfectly. The shallow draft survey vessel is now used in many surveys with Sima Charters operating and IGL measuring. A good example of how we focus on our core-business and develop partnerships to deliver high quality services.

For more info about the SC Macaw, click here.

To have a chat about the possibilities for your survey, contact Michel Koffeman.